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Since the early 1900's Meadowview Farms has been a Birdsall family owned and operated 13+ acre farm located in beautiful central New Jersey.  Claude Birdsall, and his wife Helen, chose to settle on the outskirts of Farmingdale to begin and raise a family.  Being very fortunate, they were blessed with a daughter and four sons.  A large family was necessary to help with the daily chores required to raise chickens, pigs, cows and steer, along with pets of horses, cats and dogs.  As their children went away to schools and colleges, and to begin families of their own the livestock diminished.


Their third son, Tom, loved the farm and the surrounding area.  After college, and his marriage to Kathryn, he offered to purchase the property from his parents and raise his own family, thus beginning the second generation.  Horses, cats, and dogs remained as the farm changed from livestock to agricultural.  A daughter, Barbara, and a son, Douglas, were born and both enjoyed life on the farm immensely.  In the late 60’s and early 70’s many transformations took place, including two additions to the original home structure and removal of the remaining barns.  In 1971 the first evergreen tree seedlings were planted, therefore ending the agricultural farming.  White pines, Norway spruce & Blue spruce trees were planted in the two front fields.  In the mid 80’s the rear field, once an apple orchard, was planted in Norway spruce.  Arborvitae was also added at this time in the easterly front field for nursery stock.


In 2008, Meadowview Farm has begun its third generation of family ownership.  Today, more than 6 of the 13.6 acres are dedicated to evergreen trees.  Of those 6 acres approximately 70% are set in Christmas trees, the other 30% are thriving in White Pine and Arborvitae.


As a pioneer in the tree farm industry, we have been a trusted advisor and take pride in our commitment to delivering customers the highest quality and freshest trees to homes and business throughout New Jersey.  The farm is in its third generation of family ownership, as we have been blessed with children and extended family members who are willing to help and volunteer their time.  We look forward to all seasons, as it allows us to renew old friendships and make new ones.  One visit is all it takes…


Hope to see you all soon!

The Birdsall Family


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